Try Le Park 45 restaurant for a dynamic ambiance; Le Cercle Bar for a more relaxed atmosphere!

Enjoy both of these experiences courtesy of the Grand Hotel. Why not go to the other side of the gardens on La Croisette, and enjoy the Mediterranean-style dishes served by Le Park 45 restaurant in the dining room or on the terrace.

Enjoy our fabulous one-Michelin-starred restaurant with its light and creative cuisine and elegant décor. Stop for a drink with family or friends at Le Cercle bar.

Two worlds that complement each other, sharing the same top-quality service – just the place to be under the clear blue skies of the Côte d’Azur!

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Le Park 45

A sun-drenched terrace set back from La Croisette, an elegant dining room with views over the gardens with frequently changing à la carte and set menus: Le Park 45, the Grand Hotel's Michelin starred restaurant, is full of surprising culinary delights.

Mediterranean flavours and locally produced ingredients are skilfully combined by Chef Sébastien BRODA to produce outstanding dishes.
His inventive cuisine won him one Michelin star in 2010. He has surrounded himself with enthusiastic colleagues such as Head Pastry Chef, Pascal PICASSE, and sommelier, Corentin GUYARD.

The former creates delightful seasonal desserts while the latter travels the length and breadth of France seeking out the most stunning wines. A restaurant not to be missed on La Croisette!

Open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Saturday, from February to June and September to December.
In July and August open for dinner 7 days/week. > Discover the menu

And for lunch, this summer, enjoy our snack bar on the terrace. > Discover the menu


Portrait of the Chef

Sébastien Broda: passionate about cuisine and seasonal ingredients

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A local boy

The game of contrasts

Or almost…Indeed, even if Sébastien was born in Lorraine, his parents moved to Antibes when he was fourteen and, since that time, one can say that he has never left the region. In any case, throughout his training which he completed in Antibes, Grasse and Cannes - it’s difficult to be more local! It’s here that he learned to appreciate what has since become the basis of his profession, resources from the surrounding area - be they those of fishing, the gardens or orchards, and a particular use of products - including those which provide the least.

Tourism on the Riviera has made us forget that it is here that most of the disciples of the local food movement, be they American or French, have found their inspiration. Thanks to a few chefs, professional or non-professional, but certainly passionate about cooking, these traditions have persisted or been reborn. However, purchasing products primarily in this way implies, of course, respecting the seasons from the beginning to the end of a meal, because, as for vegetables, there are seasons for fish, cheese and even meat. More than a constraint, it actually stimulates Sébastien’s imagination, driving him to extend his scope of curiosity.

Sébastien’s cooking offers itself, candidly, founded on distinct contrasts. If the product, of course, is the source of the dish, the contrasts of textures are at the heart of the construction of the dish: contrasts of flavours only come after, as if to confirm them all while providing a sort of vibration which gives them depth.

Among these textures, there is one that Sébastien is very fond of: liquid. It can be present in a classic way as a juice, a sauce, or, as a more modern one, a bouillon, but Sébastien often adopts yet another form, which is his own and which he calls simply “water”.

This play on consistencies and textures is intensified by another which is the contrast of flavours. Sébastien has a fondness for acidity and sourness, the cold freshness of a raw vegetable, which allows him to emphasize the flavours of the different ingredients that he uses. The sharp flavour plays a similar role as that of his famous “waters”: as they slide in and out between the different ingredients of a dish, emphasizing their own textures and the acidity of ... a citrus fruit, a vinegar, a fermentation, bringing out the flavour of the ingredient, but providing it with, in addition, a sort of resonance which enhances it.

Le Park 45

Le Cercle: Lounge bar on La Croisette.

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Le Cercle

Tourists, regulars, business people and actors all meet up at Le Cercle bar in the Grand Hotel.

Take a seat on the terrace or in one of the funky retro armchairs in the bar and enjoy a chat with Alexandre, the head barman, and, of course, one of his delicious cocktails. Try a Bellini, a speciality of his. A skilful mix of Champagne and peach juice – all other ingredients remain a jealously guarded secret.

A casual atmosphere, with the tinkling of piano music to accompany you through the evening.

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