A sustainable development approach

A Sustainable Development approach.

The Grand Hôtel Cannes is a dynamic palace which evolves with society.

The property is always looking to be as sustainable as possible by improving its operating methods and by paying particular attention to the nature and origin of its stock.

All of its operations and activities are carried out with the environment in mind.

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Some significant information and figures from 2014:

  • More than 70% of the products and food used or consumed on site originates from within a 160km radius
  • The hotel has signed the Mr Goodfish charter in support of sustainable fishing
  • The breakfast buffet primarily consists of organic products
  • 72% of our wine menu (excluding champagne) comes from either sustainable and organic vineyards or those that are in progress of becoming so
  • 80% of electrical appliances used carry the Energy Star label, with the other 20% soon to be replaced !
  • The large majority of the cleaning products used by our maids are eco-friendly. The Grand Hôtel is committed to removing all harmful substances from its daily activities
  • The hotel reduced its average water consumption by 61% between 2012 and 2013
  • Rubbish sorting has been introduced in our bedrooms and in public areas

It also supports several humanitarian charities such as :

It also helps to preserve biodiversity and cultural heritage by supporting :

The Grand Hôtel is dedicated to ecotourism and to responsible luxury in Cannes.

Annual report on Continuous Improvement 2015/2016

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