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We are pleased to announce the arrival of Chef Christophe Poard. After a prestigious career in several Michelin-starred restaurants, he managed the kitchens of La Truffière in Paris in 2016 and is now taking the helm of the Park 45 at the Grand Hôtel Cannes.
His cooking is contemporary and authentic, delicate and generous. It is the reflection of the attentive and precise work of a passionate Chef, who is concerned about preserving the flavours of each terroir. He enjoys cooking daring combinations which are magnificently mastered, like beef with salty notes, or poultry and coffee, in order to create a third subliminal flavour, all glorified by the spice.
“Above all, it is important to respect what nature has generously provided us (...) because great products are always the result of a love story between nature and man. The ultimate goal is to try to provide our clients with the best product and give them the desire to share it.” - Christophe Poard.
Chef Poard has prepared a new menu for the season, where gourmet reminiscences of his Breton origins mingle with his talent of enhancing flavours and savours: from the simplest of products to the most noble.


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